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Federal Signal 44" ARJENT SL Solaris LED lightbar Light Bar w/ arrowstick Amber

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Federal Signal Arjent 44" SL LED


LEDs are Red & Blue w/ Amber Arrowstick

We Can Customize for All Red, Amber or all Blue LEDs w/ Amber Arrowstick

Bench Tested, Works Great

Solaris LED Technology

The proprietary Solaris light assemblies incorporate offset, compound reflector surfaces for accurate beam shaping and high optical efficiency. This maximizes the performance of the LEDs—creating the brightness necessary for officer safety and standards compliance, without adding the cost and complexity of more LEDs.

Solaris LED assemblies cut amperage draw to a minimum, reducing the demands on vehicle electrical systems. Our LEDs stand up to the harsh environments, severe vibrations, and tough duty cycles that can dramatically shorten halogen and strobe performance—virtually eliminating downtime for lightbar repairs and bulb changing.

The Arjent SL lightbar includes 6-LED Solaris reflectors.
The operation of the Solaris LEDs also is configured with a SignalMaster ™ directional warning light.

More Arjent SL Features

The Arjent SL lightbar is stealthy in appearance, making law enforcement vehicles less visible with the system turned off. Its elliptical shape complements the LED light technology to provide significantly greater off-axis warning than traditional linear lightbars.

Powerful halogen area lights handle takedown and alley functions. These lights can also be specified with a flashing mode for additional emergency response warning.

Mounting feet are included

The Arjent SL design provides the safety of a bright lightbar in an economical, low profile platform already proven in the field.
  • Innovative elliptical design positions the Solaris assemblies for continuous coverage and superior off-axis warning.
  • Solaris LED assemblies are in 6-LED design.
  • Low electrical requirements reduces strain on vehicle electrical systems.
  • Brilliant, high-powered halogen takedown and alley lights.
  • 44" length.
  • Clear dome covers.
  • Mount system included
    Comes with (2) Intelli-Flash™ flashers.
  • Each flasher has (8) selectable patterns and 2 modes of operation.

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